Digital printing, Ink on paper, Μελάνι σε χαρτί, Ψηφιακή εκτύπωση

Agni Chronopoulou – “At the edges of instant”.

Art Zone 42 Gallery has the honour to present on Wednesday, June 25th the new series of paintings of Agni Chronopoulou entitled “At the edges of instant”.

The painter characteristically underlines regarding her work:

“I started this research four years ago. In this series I felt the need to compare two means: design and photograph. My inspiration begins from chosen ancient Greek sculptures. I have to move “at the edges of instant” for the photograph and in “great slowness” for the design. These two ways of research allowed me to design these “moments” in different ways each time. I negotiate about the time and its passing”.

Manos Stefanidis, critic and Art Historian mentions in parts of his text regarding the artist’s series of works:

…Agni Chronopoulou makes her images out of the strange, but not outlandish, harmonisation of photograph and design, with the remains of memory, with the shells of the past that saved a partly eaten face here, a partly eaten look by the darkness, the piece of a marble further on that once was a God; or, a human beautiful like God or like a dreamy creature and therefore similar to God…
What dominates the works of Agni Chronopoulou, which study the luminary – shade and the line – writing is the deepest wish she herself to live the depressing present not dreaming of the future, but on the opposite, dreaming of the past. Here, back to the sources of beauty, where veils and piles of centuries, transparent waterfalls and motionless waters hide the non handmade image; where beauty is not a vision or a dream but material sealed with the deepest spirituality. This is the gift the artist wishes to offer to the viewers…

P.S.: In Chronopoulou’s photographs often there is a finding: A transparent veil, a head-dress, a fez that Homer bequeaths to modern era, covers the faces of her heroes. The environment is usually aquatic. Then, the miracle happens as it covers them, it discloses them…

Agni Chronopoulou was born in Athens and studied sculpture and pottery in ENSAAMA School in Paris, Art History in Ecole du LOUVRE and Plastic Arts in University PARIS VIII. She effectuates interventions at the space, where she often works with plaster or clay, impressing in photographs or videos marginal moments of their evolution. Meanwhile, she has worked on “visual” book as “unique copy” (livre unique-livre objet).

She collaborates with Musée du Livre d’artiste CLAC Caroline Corre. Her works may be found in significant private collection. She has participated in more than 60 exhibitions in France, Belgium, Italy and Greece.

Indicatively: Exhibition ‘Offer’, National Archaeological Museum of Athens / Galerie «espace des femmes», Paris / Bibliothèque Forney, Paris / Salon Saga FIAC / musée des Beaux-arts de Paris / Librairie Nicaise bd St Germain, Paris / Biblioteca Classense Accademia di Belle Arti, Ravena / Breracult Centro internazionale, Milano